the saga, part 8

It’s been a few years since I actually read through my *name brand memory foam mattress* saga.  My goodness!  I was really sick then and didn’t even realize it.  I was able to get up and function and go to work, through the back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, foot pain, back of the ankle pain, feet swelling, painful ball-of-the-foot, couldn’t wear normal shoes with heels or sit in one position for very long — didn’t I know something was really wrong with me?  No, not really.

What’s happened since then:

1)  Sent that killer mattress back to killer mattress hell in Kentucky;
2)  Bought the all-cotton mattress, topped with all-cotton bedding and a silk-lined comforter;
3)  Promptly came down with a strange itchy rash that baffled me — was this my body’s way of getting the toxins out of my system?;
4)  Struggled with dealing with that for months, trying an elimination diet, which helped; finally what cured it was realizing I had “leaky gut syndrome” and I found l-Glutamine, which healed my leaky gut, and now I can eat anything, any time;
5)  All was well in my world for about a year, until December of 2013 when for absolutely no reason at all I started wanting to make my own homemade natural body products, and started playing around with what that was, and eventually got rid of just about every store-bought cleanser, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, you name it, I had, replacing it with something I’d made from basically baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, shea butter and coconut oil, and not much else;
6)  Then my body told me I was dehydrated and it needed water, so I started investigating what that would look like, and my intuition led me in pretty short order to Natural Action Technologies Structured Water units.  Now I’ve become a distributor for the structured water units.
7)  I started making my own probiotic drink at home from water kefir crystals.  I recommend this.

I do not have shoulder, neck or back pain.  I do not have leg pain or foot pain.  I haven’t *thought* about pain in the balls of my feet for years.  I no longer own any Earth Shoes.  I can wear heels.  I can get right out of bed and start walking and not have to stretch a while to get my feet to move first.  I do not itch.  My mouth is not sore, and my lips are no longer raw.  I’m not dealing with hives.  (Sheesh!  The list of symptoms I had!)  Every now and then I’ll have a little “fireworks” go off somewhere in my feet or legs — I noticed that a week ago when I decided to eliminate coffee from my diet, and I’m going to pay attention to that and see if eliminating coffee helps.

Basically, all that was wrong with me in 2012 and dissipated in 2013, is now a distant memory.  I feel great!

I use my own homemade body products and no store-bought products except for a few things.  I haven’t taken the time to find the best recipe for a natural homemade dish soap; I tried a few recipes and they didn’t work for me — but that was with my hard water in Nebraska.  Maybe now that I’ve moved to Oregon and the water is much softer, the recipes would work out differently.  I also haven’t tried to find a dishwasher soap recipe — something I didn’t need in Nebraska, because I didn’t have a dishwasher.

Everything else that I can think of, though, I make myself:  deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, window spray cleaner, skin lotion, lip balm, soda (water kefir), ice cream (with my Vitamix), bread (in the bread machine)…I’ll grow my own fresh vegetables in my garden this summer…and blackberries are “weeds” around here…and if a sudden need for something homemade and natural comes up, I look it up online and someone has already figured it out and I use that.

I now have three whole-house structured water units attached to my house, so all of my water in my house is structured.  I take structured water baths and showers, wash my dishes and clothes in structured water, and when watering season comes I’ll be watering my yard and garden with structured water.  I use structured water for drinking, cooking, making coffee or tea — now I’m trying to quit coffee — everything.  I feel hydrated.  I feel well.  I feel in control of my health and my life.

I have taken my power back.

That was one nasty event in my life, the *name brand memory foam mattress* saga.

Maybe the good part of it was that it helped me go through the process of taking my power back when it comes to my own health.


the saga, part 7


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