the saga, part 7

Now it’s almost mid May.

My feet work normally when I wake up in the morning.

I have no foot pain, leg pain, or ankle pain.

I have no explosions like firecrackers going off in any of my cells, at any time.

(Although, the itchy allergy symptoms sometimes feel like those firecrackers, only really big ones, emerging to the top level of my skin.  So I have to wonder if this is connected.)

I have no back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain.

My ankles may be a tiny bit swollen, still.  At times.

My feet are not red and bloated anymore.

I do not wear Earth Shoes anymore.  I wear heels, and I do not have any more “bruised” feeling at the balls of my feet.

My feet do not swell up when I’m sitting for an hour or so.  My feet do not have to go through a “stretch first before we get going in the morning” routine.  They work the way they’re supposed to.

I still have that little hard lump at the back of my left ankle.  It’s very, very gradually getting smaller.  It hasn’t given me pain in a long time.

My lips and mouth went through a very painful week back at the end of December, which cleared up quickly.  I used some organic hemp lipstick, since I had one tube of it, and that worked very well.  It was like my lips were just scraped raw and open, and the hemp lipstick helped them feel soothed and comfortable.

I noticed when the manufacturer came to pick up the *brand name* memory foam mattress, that for those few minutes that I interacted with the mattress — I took the mattress cover and fitted sheet off of it — that I got that weird prickly sensation in my mouth.  It felt just like — when you were a kid, did you ever put aluminum foil in your mouth for a minute?  How awful that feels?  It felt like that.  My mouth could taste the “aluminum foil” metal taste and I got those awful prickles in my mouth again.

A few hours later that prickle sensation went away and hasn’t returned.

I’m not taking any meds per se anymore, or supplements or anything.  Still not drinking enough water.  If I feel like it I’ll take a fish oil/flax/borage capsule, and maybe a Vitamin D, maybe a B complex, maybe a C.  I’m not drinking coffee at the moment because caffeine might be one of the things triggering my itchiness.

I feel so much better.

I’m guessing, not sure, but guessing, that what I’m going through with the current Strange Itch phase is that my body is detoxing from the *brand name* memory foam mattress.

Sleeping on one of those for a year and a half, your body is right next to all those chemicals all night long, surrounded by them all night long, being “outgassed” by all those chemicals all night long — 8 or 10 hours at a time, maybe.  What happens to your body?  What do those chemicals do all night long?  Do they lodge in your cells, in your bone marrow, in your bones?  What does the body do to release the toxins, once the toxins start to release?  Does it go through something like this — a mysterious sudden allergy-to-everything, with no particular cause?  Is this how a body detoxes?

I don’t know, and I’ve Googled this, and haven’t found anything to answer those how-does-a-body-detox-after-a-person’s-*brand name* memory foam mattress-tries-to-kill-them questions.

So I’m writing this to keep track of it all for myself, and to share my experience with anyone out there reading it who might be wondering just what’s going on with their body.  My quality of life has drastically improved since my *brand name* memory foam mattress left my garage.

I should also say that I did not wash the mattress cover and fitted sheet that I took off the mattress before the manufacturer hauled it away; once those prickle feelings came into my mouth, I decided THIS IS TOXIC TOO! and threw those away.  I was going to wash them and take them to Goodwill so someone else could make use of them.  No.  I decided I didn’t want to poison someone else, unaware.

I also got rid of any of my other bedding that ever touched the *brand name* memory foam mattress.  It had to be toxic too.

I cleaned out my closet, tossed the bedding, gave away clothes, purged my house,  sleep peacefully on my Japanese mattress under a silk-lined comforter, and wake up refreshed.

And every day I feel better.


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