the saga, part 6

I have a friend who channels, and I trust the information she gets, so I called her and we set up the channeling for December 21.  As soon as she got into channel, she said to GET THE MATTRESS OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Meaning, sleep on the sofa, do whatever you need to do, GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Put it in the garage until the manufacturer comes and picks it up.  And next, detoxify yourself.

She went through all the things I’d need to do to detox myself from all these toxic chemicals — yes, it is the toxic chemicals in the mattress that were trying to kill me.

Oh, she said they weren’t *actually* trying to kill me, but — same difference!  They were succeeding!

She suggested a simple herbal total-body cleanse.  I bought this one:

She suggested a liver/kidney cleanse.  I bought this one:

She suggested immune boosters while I’m doing the cleanses.  At Wal-Mart I bought off-the-shelf bottles of Echinacea, Vitamin C, a Vitamin B Complex, a multi-vitamin, and a Vitamin D-3, and a fish oil/flax oil/borage oil combination.

For future readers of my saga who are going through the same thing, I’d also say drink water, drink water, drink water, and drink some more water.  I didn’t drink enough water and still don’t.  Drink as much water as you can.  If you have to flavor it with something or make it fizzy, like I prefer, I’d suggest this:  I buy them singly at my grocery store; they come in lots of different flavors.  Whatever you have to do to drink water, drink as much as you can.

About 10 days later we had another session.  She said I was much improved — and I agreed.  She suggested that with each one of the cleanses, I do them for 14-20 days, not the 30 days as “recommended” on the packages.  I’d started the kidney-liver cleanse at about Day 7 after I’d already started the “green tea fat burner” cleanse, and she suggested to do the “green tea” one for about 16 days total, and the other one for about the same number of days total.  And to feel how my body was doing with them, and stop when my body was done.   During that session we talked about drinking more water too.

She asked what I was sleeping on, now that the *brand name* memory foam mattress was out of my house.  I’d purchased a shikibuton — a Japanese futon — made of 90% cotton, 10% polyester, and was sleeping on my floor.  I make the bed at night, fold it up and put it in the closet in the morning.

From the same company I also ordered the silk-filled comforter, the kakefuton; also ordered the buckwheat hull pillows, and even bought a matching dog bed for my most loyal bed buddy.  She said this bed was working out well for me, and I agree.

Actually, thinking back 10 years, this is what I was looking for then.  It’s perfect.  It has valleys, too, and these, I can deal with. Every six months you take your mattress outside and let it air out all day, draping it over something in the sunshine.  You air out your buckwheat hulls every six months too.

I posted pictures of my new bedroom setup here:


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