the saga, part 3

I kept checking in with myself about the mattress every night I’d go to bed.  I’d ask, “so, is this working for me?”  And mostly it was working for me okay.  I slept fairly well, and yes, the valley was growing deeper and deeper with time, and I was developing some back pain and shoulder pain upon waking up, it wasn’t so bad.  It was about the same with my old mattress anyway.  Maybe it’s “just me.”  Maybe that’s just the way it feels to be over 50.  I’ve never been over 50 before, and now I am.  Maybe you just have pain.

Sometime in that time period between owning the mattress for 2 months and 6 months I Googled “brand name” memory foam mattress, and read some of the customer comments about the mattress.  I was pretty shocked.  People were complaining of asthma, severe allergic reactions to the mattress, bleeding, all kinds of weird responses to the mattress that they could actually pinpoint, through being near it versus being away from it, that the reaction was actually a reaction TO the *brand name* memory foam mattress.

And not all of the reactions were to the *brand name*.  Some of the reactions were to just memory foam in general:  memory foam toppers, memory foam pillows, other non-*brand name* knockoffs.  As I read those comments I checked in with myself:  nope, no allergies.  No asthma.  No bleeding.  No severe reactions TO the mattress.  Just a little bit disappointed now that it’s past the 90 days that I can’t send it back, because the valley is definitely there, and I’m not happy sleeping in the bed anymore.

Yes, I wasn’t happy with it.  I couldn’t really say why.  There was just a general hmmm…this isn’t working for me all that well now, and I’m not sure why, but that’s what’s going on kind of feeling.

There was continual back pain when I’d wake up, back, neck, shoulder, but that would go away after maybe an hour or two of being up and moving around.  So it wasn’t all that bad.

I was really in denial.  It was right there in front of me and I was in denial.


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