the saga, part 2

Day 90 came and went, and about four months into my owning the *brand name* memory foam mattress, I noticed the valley.  I’d go to sleep in one position and throughout the night when I’d want to change position, roll to one side or the other, I’d have to kind of “climb out” of the valley I was in.

This was way deeper than the valley my old mattress developed, and way weirder.  Instead of just feeling a little indentation, I felt a very deep, almost mountainous, can’t-get-out-of-here, trapped feeling indentation.

And, it was Month 4.  A month too late for the 90-day warranty.

I’d just have to suck it up and keep it.

Sleeping on it was still fairly comfortable, when I was sleeping, but trying to turn or change positions while sleeping would wake me up, trying to fight literally an uphill battle, just to change my position.  This had never happened to me before on any other bed I’d slept on.


the saga, part 1
the saga, part 3


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