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Fresh Sprouts!

Welcome to my farm. Since January I’ve been farming water kefir crystals and all kinds of fresh sprouts right on my countertop. This posting is about the sprouts.IMG_2295

In the ’70s I remember buying my first sprouting jar with a variety of plastic screw-on lids with different-sized holes in the lids. I never really had much success with that and didn’t figure out why. Didn’t take the time, I guess, or didn’t know who to ask for advice. Now, with the internet, it’s as easy as typing into a search bar “growing sprouts” and there you go…all the free help and advice you could ask for. So lately I’ve been catching up with what I really wanted to learn when I was about 22.

What my sprouts look like as of 15 minutes ago:


Sprouts, Day 2

What I did yesterday, after using up my most recent batch of sprouts: washed out the jar, and added about two tablespoons each of:
mung bean seeds
pumpkin seeds
aduki beans (also spelled azuki or adzuki)
flax seeds

Filled the jar about half full of water and placed that on the counter overnight for about 8 hours.

In the morning I drained the water out, and rinsed the seeds & beans, really got the water moving in there, swished it around, and drained that completely out.

View from the top, after rinsing:


View from the Top

After the beans / seeds are rinsed well, cover them with a towel and place on the countertop. Seeds sprout in darkness. AHA!!! That’s what I didn’t know, all those years ago…the seeds can’t be submerged (like I’d been doing) and they need darkness to sprout (also something I didn’t know).


go to bed, sleepyheads…

Take the towel off and rinse them well, twice a day, morning and night. Do this for four or five or six days. Don’t let them get dried out…and also start using them before they grow roots a mile long (oops, my first time this year…) and get all tangled up (like roots tend to do, untended…unintentionally untended…)…

So there you have it; that’s the basic recipe. You can use all KINDS of seeds or beans to sprout. I buy my seeds & beans at Natural Grocers in Omaha and make sure they’re organic and are intended to be eaten… And here all this time I thought the only kind of sprouts you could grow were alfalfa seeds. Not true! Now I’m sprouting alfalfa seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, aduki bean, flax, — I mean really, if you can cook them, like black beans, why couldn’t you sprout them?!

Several weeks ago I grew a jar of only mung beans sprouts, then wondered what in the world to do with them all. I found a GREAT recipe which I will post, and made up a few uses of my own, as in: you can use mung bean sprouts as spaghetti. IMG_2689My mung bean sprouts grew roots like nobody’s business…and man…I had some tremendous spaghetti / mung bean sprouts. Cook them in a little hot water, slather with coconut oil & salt and squeeze on a little lemon juice…and man, what a great meal.

But I digress, and this needs to go in another post.

I suspect that using structured water helped my sprouts grow like they did for J from the message board.



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