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I Am Gaining Thinness!


October 2015, just a few months before the pain became unbearable. “No more sugar or grains!!” it was telling me.

I have to thank Jonette Crowley for that title.  She made that comment years ago and it’s always stuck with me.

I noticed in January 2016 that suddenly my body felt very achey.  The muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons were all very sore and tired all the time.  I thought it was a passing thing, that it would be here for a few days and then gone.  It felt like I’d been out playing really rough football for weeks on end and the body had just had enough and needed a rest.

But no, the body kept aching.  I tried various approaches, various supplements, various meditations, and nothing worked.

Inflammation:  could that be it again?  I looked up my symptoms, and by golly, if you look at the symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis, I was identifying with just about all of them.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I found someone’s videos on YouTube about cutting all — I mean ALL — grains out of her diet, not just “gluten.”  ALL grains.  This includes corn, wheat, rice, and all of those health-food-store grains that should be good for you like quinoa, amaranth, and millet.  She told the story about how the women in her family all suffered from this illness, the extreme joint pain, and they more or less just accepted it as “that is who we are.”  She was a young 20-something or 30-something mom with an 18-month-old and couldn’t hold him anymore because of her joint pain and weakness; that’s when she decided to take action and no longer accept that “this is the way the women in our family just are.”  She quit eating grains, dairy, and sugar, and ate only meat, vegetables, and fruit.  She cut out all of the filler.

Months later she was lighter, leaner, the pain had gone, she was able to be the mom she wanted to be, and was comfortable!

I had to remember back to when I was “eating for hives” in 2012.  I never felt better in my life.  I had all kinds of energy, I lost some weight, and my inflammation was gone.  Once I found the L-Glutamine and cured my leaky gut, I could eat anything once again without having my lower lip swell up like a balloon or having itchy red patches all over my body, and I regained all the weight I lost — and probably then some.  I could eat coconut cream pie!  With coffee and organic cream!  And I did!  And it was heaven!  I could eat a Five Guys burger with the bun and the fries and the ketchup and the Cherry Coke, and I did, and it was heaven!

I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that my legs and feet hurt now and then; oh, that was just from sitting on a hard kitchen stool too long.  I didn’t really notice when it hurt, getting up out of bed, or hurt getting up out of my Tiny Trailer and hobbling to the bathroom at the RV park.  That’s just “getting older.”  Right?

And suddenly in January in Oregon in the depths of the deep dark cold gray rainy days when I hadn’t seen the sun for months — in December it rained 29 days out of 31, thank goodness, and we needed the rain so badly — suddenly that pain hit hard and would not let go.  When you feel pain that intense, you do just about anything for relief.

I looked up, once again, the Blood Type O Diet and made my charts so I could see what was “beneficial,” “neutral” and “not ever again in THIS lifetime”, and then on a Sunday morning I got to work completely redoing my kitchen.  All of the “NEVER!” items got packed in tight above the refrigerator, where you have to really be dedicated to want to reach something.  I tossed some things.  I am so blessed to have a really wonderful pantry in this house, and on the top shelf of the pantry I put all of the “helpful” items in sort of alphabetical order.  On the shelf below it I put all of the “okay occasionally” items, and on the shelf below that I put the “neutral” foods.

I did the same in the refrigerator.  All of the “nope, not if you want to feel good ever again!” items I put on the top shelf and slammed them all together.

And that’s when I noticed:  I’d been eating cheese and bread and ice cream and pasta and rice almost to the exclusion of meat, vegetables and fruit.  I had to put away all of the cheese and the condiments and even the expensive health-food-store fermented food and multi-grain artisan local-bakery no-gmo-ingredients bread.  It broke my heart.

But…I could still eat.  This was May, and my “winter garden” was beginning to finally do something.  The kale and lettuce made it through the winter and started providing me with all the kale and all the lettuce I could handle.  I planted tomatoes and summer squash; the blueberries started coming on then too and every morning when I walked my dog past the garden we helped ourselves to fresh blueberries, one for me, one for him, one for me, one for him.

It didn’t happen within three or four days for me like it did for the young lady in the video; it took longer.  I’m glad to say now that a lot of the pain is gone.  It’s still there to some degree, but it’s lessening all the time.

Since sometime in May I have eaten NO grains at all except for a little rice at the sushi buffet; NO dairy except for a little butter or ghee; and NO refined sugar.  I use stevia leaf I bought in bulk years ago, or real maple syrup, or coconut palm sugar.  I have that here for my AirBNB guests, mostly.

What I noticed over these last few months is that I’ve lost my “hunger.”  I am convinced now that eating wheat and grains, not to mention sugar and dairy, “makes” a person hungry, or hungrier.  Now that I’m eating meat, vegetables and fruit, I’m much more satisfied with much less food, and I’m way less hungry.

One other interesting thing I’ve noticed:  the idea of going to McDonald’s or any other fast food place doesn’t even appeal to me anymore.  It’s like I’ve installed an inner button somewhere within myself that can “tell” when a food item has food value, and when it doesn’t.  I just don’t want to bother with food that has no food value since it’s a total waste of time and money.  I’d rather go out to my garden and grab a couple of spicy nasturtium blossoms and a few kale leaves for a quick snack.  Seriously.

Ah, the AirBNB guests.  I do provide a breakfast for them, and one day a few weeks ago I was eyeing the last little helping of organic cereal, and that last little bit of organic whole milk that needed to be used up, and the coconut palm sugar….and I decided to go for it.  I made myself a big bowl of cereal with milk and sugar and just enjoyed it.

I instantly regretted it.  For the next three or four hours I felt tired, weak, sluggish, couldn’t keep my eyes open but plodded through my day anyway, and decided never to do this to myself again.  I made a pledge to myself that I want to feel GOOD.  I want to feel good ALWAYS.  I choose for my body to feel healthy, energetic, flexible, comfortable, strong, and youthful, for the rest of my life!

The Blood Type O diet is very similar to the Paleo diet, which is basically “if the caveman didn’t eat it, I don’t eat it either.”  I’m drinking even more structured water than before from a pitcher of structured water with shungite soaking in it, and drinking lots of tea and smoothies.  I do drink organic coffee made with structured water in my French press.  This time I’m cutting out all coconut, so no coconut oil or coconut water or coconut milk.  The only oil I’m using is olive oil.  If I want “milk” I put half a cup of hemp hearts and 2 cups of water in the VitaMix with a pinch of salt and a bit of maple syrup, and voila, milk.  If I want bread I bake it with 5 eggs, flax meal, baking powder and a few other ingredients.

The body has been feeling better.   The weight didn’t instantly fall away, though, and I couldn’t quite understand that.  I ran across someone’s article about fasting and thought I’d give it a try.  That has seemed to be the key to the weight loss.  The writer advocates liquids only from 7 pm through 11 am the next day; solid food is okay to eat between 11 am and 7 pm.  During the “fasting” time a person can have juice, tea, coffee, smoothies, anything liquid.  That seemed pretty simple so I decided to add that to my way of life.  I remember decades ago the exercise trainer Denise Austin told viewers to eat dinner by 6 pm and not to eat anything after that.  I, of course, ignored that advice and ate pretty much anything pretty much any time of any day.  Typically in my life I would eat dinner at 10 pm, or have a big bowl of ice cream and go to bed.  I didn’t have a schedule when it came to eating.  I ate when I was hungry and I ate what I was hungry for.

Since I’ve added the “fasting” to my diet, the Thinness has appeared.  And again it’s not all falling off at once; it’s a gradual process.  I know I’m down at least a size from where I was in January.

Last summer I bought three Speedo bathing suits at the Goodwill because they were pretty:  one size 14 and two size 16s.  Mostly I wore one of the 16s when I’d put on a bathing suit.  This summer I’ve been sunning myself for 20 minutes a day during “peak sun hours” between 10 and 2, for the Vitamin D benefits, wearing my size 14 Speedo.  I noticed my body was changing for the better in how it looked in the 14.

A couple of days ago I bought a new Speedo in size 10 kind of as “inspiration” for Gaining Still More Thinness.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to get into it for weeks or months.  I tried it on yesterday morning and it FITS!  I look better in that one than I do in the 14.  My new “inspirational” size 12 shorts are a little more snug than I want to be wearing all day long, but my other clothes are getting bigger and baggier by the week.  Before long I will be down to the size 10 where I’m most comfortable, but I’m in no big hurry to get there.  I am enjoying these changes.

A week or two ago I ran across a few YouTube videos with a woman talking about having two years of intense pain that basically came from nowhere — hey, that sounds familiar — and she said she is now pain free.  I’ve been checking out her videos and I like them.  Recently she posted a body healing meditation that I’ve listened two a couple of times now, and I like it.  She recommends doing it once a week.  I’ll post it here and also in the Links over at the sidebar.

Here’s to Gaining still more Thinness, Flexibility, Ease, Grace, Youthfulness, Strength, and Joy!


And now an update.  It is July 2017.  I am a couple of weeks away from my 60th birthday.  A week to 10 days ago I discovered the YouTube channel of Dr. Eric Berg, who makes fantastic detailed videos about all kinds of health issues.  I’ve been doing BioAcoustics work since last October, and his videos are SO helpful to teach me what’s going on with the reports I can generate — what is cortisol?  Vitamin B12, what does that have to do with anything?  What’s an adrenal body type?  Why do I still have inflammation?

After watching a few dozen of his videos and looking at my own voiceprint charts and seeing sugar, sucrose, fructose, sugar sugar sugar…I decided I had to quit sugar.  Sugar, I learn, is an inflammatory.  I have an insulin problem.  I can see that in my voiceprint charts.  If I’m waking up to pee through the night, and I was, I need to quit the sugar and start consuming 7-10 cups of vegetables a day and some healthy fats.  This will help me get my adrenals back into balance and will help me drop that belly that magically appeared out of nowhere when I hit menopause.

Of course he also recommends getting pasta-cereal-bread-crackers — he’s got his cute little phrase — out of your diet completely.  I did that already.  Now I’ve hidden my collection of sugar in the pantry in a faraway place where I don’t see it every day.  And I have some fabulous sugars — coconut palm sugar (natural, wonderful); maple syrup and powdered maple syrup (organic); raw local honey (which I keep because I use it in recipes) (and binge on over winter, using it in tea).  I have to quit them all.  I thought that because I quit using white table sugar, I was doing the right thing.  Nope.  All sugars means all sugars.

What to use for sweetening?  I have stevia leaf.  Real leaf, something I bought from Frontier Natural Co-op, years ago.  It’s not manmade stevia, manufactured in some way; it’s the real leaf.  You can blend it in with your smoothie in your Vitamix when you’re blending the 7-10 cups of raw vegetables you harvested from your garden this morning with the wheatgrass juice powder you bought online at his recommendation.  Real stevia leaf is not glycemic, it’s very sweet, a little goes a very long way, and you use it *when* you need it and not before; it will taste great when you first use it, but after it sits around a bit it gets strange tasting.

So we’ll see how this goes.  I’ll update the photos.  Here’s me in December 2016, after going down two dress sizes since May 2016:







And these two are from a couple of days ago, June 2017, after stopping sugar for about two days.  I can tell I have lost some belly fat and I’m pretty sure I’m into ketosis — fat-burning, not sugar-burning.  I have all the happy signs of ketosis.  I’m not crashing in the afternoon, I’m able to go a loooooooong time between meals, I don’t have to eat until noon or after and I’m not hungry when I get up, I’m not getting up to pee at night anymore (after only a few days of this!) (yay!), I’m remembering my dreams after not remembering them for a long time.  My focus is good.  Inflammation is down.  Right shoulder pain is gone.  Any other complaints I would have had at this time last year…not there anymore.


And another Update!  It’s been just about six months since I posted my previous update. I’m doing Bulletproof Coffee in the mornings now, and eat one meal a day (usually).  I have no cravings.  No sugar, no carbs over Christmas; I wasn’t even tempted.  I have discovered that adding a few drops of stevia liquid and a few drops of peppermint flavoring to my morning coffee is Totally Awesome; my coffee blended in the Vitamix is a thousand million percent better than anything Starbucks or any other coffee shop ever had to offer.

And my photos now?  After six months of eating no carbs and no sugar — and frankly doing no exercise at all, here we go:

When I took the above photos (black top, black & white skirt) I was about a size 12-14.  Now I’m wearing a size 6-8 Lands’ End vest, size 10 (or 8) jeans (depending on the manufacturer), and I’m somewhere between a small and a medium.

I have not been a size small since junior high.  And that was for a very fleeting time.  Misses size 12-14 was always my average size, since about 10th grade.

I’m not done yet.  Once I totally get rid of that little poochy thing just below my belly button, and discover the waist I never had, I will be ready to eat some fruit again.  Not until then.

Less fat in my coffee would help speed things up; some actual exercise twice a week would speed things up too.  I’m in no hurry and I’m absolutely thrilled with how I feel and look.  I am so excited!!  I am pain free and drug free, and 60 and a half years old.


Steve and Barbara Rother: what *is* this rash?

Segment starts at 1 hour 14 minutes 53 seconds in, answering a question about “why do I have this rash?!”

the burning

I had a private channeling recently with a friend of mine who’s channeled for me a number of times in the past.  In the channeling I asked about the hives, what that’s all been about.  I asked about taking the medication (the L-Glutamine regimen) I’m taking, and will that fix it?

There was a past life where I spoke my truth, stood my ground, stood up for myself and brought something to the attention of the powers that be, at that time.  It must have been a big deal.  I was imprisoned in the early spring time (when I first started noticing these little itchy bumps), and sentenced to die, by burning, “to add insult to injury,” at Summer Solstice (when the hives REALLY kicked in and I was so ready to crawl out of my skin — and almost took myself to the emergency room).  The age I was then, and the age I am now, and the time of the year, and what’s going on in “my” “now” life, all lined up.

So, when this spring came and it looked like I was going public with some things in my work, there was a part of me inside that screamed, ‘NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!  DO NOT SPEAK UP.  THIS WILL GET YOU KILLED.”

The hives represented the burning:  the actual fire that I went through in that lifetime that killed me.

And there were other lifetimes that kind of “hopped on the bandwagon,” so to speak — lifetimes where I’d died of smallpox, for example.  I’ve spent many lifetimes as a Native American.  I actually wondered about this, whether I was reliving the potentially many deaths I’d died with smallpox.  Yes, they tagged along as they saw we were going into the “fire” right now.

My channeler friend said that the hives will resolve — and for the most part they have — and that next year, perhaps, when I look on the calendar and see it’s early spring, or it’s summer solstice, my body may go “eek!” and I’ll start scratching, if only just for a brief moment.  “Remember?!”

What I can continue to do:  love myself, comfort myself, knowing that this time it’s safe to speak up and say what I need to say, and say it boldly, for all the world to see and hear — knowing this time it’s okay.  It’s safe this time.  This time I can speak up and I won’t get dead.  This is what will truly heal my body and my life.

So actually, if the Name-Brand-Memory-Foam-Mattress deal had anything at all to do with the hives, and I still don’t know that there was any connection, but if it was connected, it was something I created for myself in order to come to peace, within, for myself, that now it’s safe for me to show up in this world and be fully, completely, Who I Am.  It’s safe for me to speak up to the whole world.  This time I will live, no matter what. 

This has all been my first choice.

What a beautiful gift I’ve given myself.

breathe love

From tonight’s session:

Shelly:…when you get up every morning if you would take two or three minutes, and…if you wanted to light like an herb, like, we hear sage in our minds, because of its cleansing potential, but even if it’s like an incense or something like that, there’s something about smell or scent that triggers something inside of you.

And the sense that we get of this is that if you would take an opportunity to just do several breaths as you’re just waking up in the morning, in which you allow yourself to just gently link, you can do it through your energy body, through your chakras, you can do it through breathing into your heart center and just letting the energy flow up and down through your body, but that you’re consciously making a choice first thing in the morning to breathe inside of yourself and bring your divinity and bring your expanded awareness and let it flow up and down through your physical body.

And once that’s happened then you consciously send it out through your emotion, through your mental, through your spiritual, through your light body, and then you bring it all back within you so then it’s like you have this vertical breathing and a horizontal breathing, and in doing that it’s allowing you to consciously create a balanced state inside of you.

Now, once you’ve done that, and the sense that we get is that there may be some days that you really have to focus on that, and focus on doing it, that you clear out, there may be emotions that come up for you, and you consciously embrace those emotions.  As in if there’s fear, fear that change isn’t going to take place, fear that things aren’t going to happen, we feel that in you, then you let that fear come into your heart and you just love yourself.

You love yourself because you felt the fear.  You love yourself because you believe in yourself.  You love yourself because you are acknowledging and honoring whatever it is that’s happening in your life.

And then we feel that fear diminishing and moving out and you can do your breathing easily.

We feel like there may be other days when you’ve got a lot of either frustration, tiredness, you know, whatever it is that may be around you at any given moment and what you are doing is not only balancing your energy from a very physical manner through all your light body and nonphysical energy, but you are also acknowledging self-love, self-acceptance, being gentle with yourself.

And when people have autoimmune disease, like you say, the body is attacking itself, it’s doing that because it doesn’t feel that sense of self-love and acceptance.  Does that make sense?

Me:  It does.

Shelly:  So this is giving you a means where it may be that some days you do this for fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes.  It may be that, and then you may find yourself feeling frustrated or something going on later  in the day, and then you do that breathing where you may give it a name, “self-love breathing”, and you take several breaths in and out as you drive your car.  Or you are taking a break at lunch time and you are doing, okay, self-love breathing here.

And you don’t have to then focus on all those various parts of it, because you set up the foundation of what self-love breathing is, and then you just step into it and allow it to flow through you.

Me:  Okay.

Shelly:  So the sense that we have is that that’s what’s at the bottom of this, and it just came to us also that a part of what this is, is, you feeling like you’ve disappointed yourself or you’ve let yourself down because things haven’t happened in the way you wanted them to.  And so that may be one of those things that you work with embracing.  Not, whether you call it “embracing the disappointment” or embracing that “things have not happened as yet, and so I’m frustrated or I feel disappointed,” and you just let that, you’re acknowledging whatever it is, and then you’re going to let that flow away, and in place of that you’re going to breathe in that self-love, you’re going to breathe in acceptance, you’re going to breathe in allowing, because all of those things go hand-in-hand with one another.

Me:  Okay.

Shelly:  All right beloved.

Me:  Thank you very much.

Shelly:  You’re welcome.  And so if there are other things that you need to do in a physical manner which we feel you are already doing, then just keep doing that as in using the organic soaps and the stuff like that.

Me:  …Still taking the remedies that I’ve discovered can help this?

Shelly:  Yes, they can still help on the physical plane, but they won’t be 100% gone until you have shifted this awareness within you.

Me:  Okay.  All right!

Shelly:  All right beloved.

Me:  Thank you.

Shelly:  You’re welcome.

interview with Dr. Donese Worden

First 20 minutes of the show, Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Dr. Donese Worden, and they discuss some of the things we can do for autoimmune disorders and other health issues.  Link:


I was listening to a conversation on the Awakening Zone internet radio, between Jim Self and Sandie Sedgbeer — available here: — and during the Q&A session a question came up about autoimmune disorders.

Well, I thought to myself, hives is an autoimmune disorder, or could be, yes?

Which led me to Google “autoimmune”, which led me to “hypothyroid” and various things like Hashimoto’s.

For years (decades?) I’ve suspected I may have a low functioning thyroid.  Could this be the source of the hives?

As a result of my Googling around, I’ve taken a few actions:  I bought a thermometer (finally) and started taking my temperature.  One of the signs of hypothyroid is a low body temperature.  I bought a newfangled digital thermometer and when I got it home last night and took it out of its wrapper, and had to read two whole pages of documentation on how to use a thermometer, I was curious about my then body temperature.  I was pretty surprised to find out my reading last night was 95.6 to 95.9 to 96.1.  Several websites recommended that for four days you read your body temp before making a move out of bed in the morning — and this is while not menstruating — and if you’re below 97, it’s an indicator of hypothyroidism.  This morning my body temp was 96.5.

Another action I took was buying evening primrose oil, said to be a natural antihistamine, and good for a ton of other things.  I bought a small bottle of 500 mg capsules, and the dosage I found online for hives is to take 2 to 8 grams a day — so that would be 4 to 16 capsules total of 500 mg capsules.  I took 2 this morning along with a fish oil / flax seed / borage capsule, a Vitamin D3, a Vitamin B, and a multivitamin.

Also I found a website with a post about how to raise your basal body temperature, here:  It sounds like all the things I’m doing are right on — emphasizing vegetables, grains, and meat — he specifies red meat — and he adds a few things that might be counterintuitive:  sleep more, exercise less (until your body temp goes up — like for 30 days), eat beyond appetite, go 12 hours between meals, emphasize saturated fats like coconut and red meat (I’m not sure I can do dairy yet), and de-stress — sunbathe and massage, for example.

Last night for the first time I took a Loratadine tablet ( and wow…the hives have greatly reduced this morning.  I bought this in a cute little over-the-counter package at Target in their “help, I have …” line of generics.  This one is called “help, I have allergies”.  I feel much more comfortable this morning than I have for weeks.



Goddess channeling: hives, the shift, detoxifying

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation, April 15, 2012, answering my question.  Link to the whole channel is here:

Question 3: Hello Goddess? (Hello) I really enjoyed that meditation and I’ve got about 3 or 4 questions, I’m not sure which to ask. As we were talking before we got going with the channeling tonight, I was asking several questions about right and left brain, not being able to focus, feeling tossed and turned and who am I now. I could ask you that question and you can answer the one that you’d like. Then there’s the question about what’s going on with my physical body. I’ve been having hives and I don’t understand why. Is that an energy thing? Is there something about the toxins I’m releasing? I’ll let you pick!

Goddess: Well, actually the answers to all of those questions are exactly what took place tonight! I see you in the physical reality and you as a silhouette or as a hologram and you are walking side by side. There are certain things the silhouette will do and certain things the human will do and you are walking along side by side and flip, flip back. It’s almost like a dance is how it’s coming across to me. This dance is the indicator of the way in which you are moving between the dimensions and moving between the energy and moving in the reality you are creating for yourself.

The hives are a reaction of detoxifying so that your whole vibrational energy will shift into a higher vibration. The things that come up from being creative or when you say ‘who am I’, you are actually creating a new not aspect but a new reality for yourself. Whether it’s the blending of the other aspects from the last time we got together or if it’s simply recognizing that you have different potentials that can open up for you. Or even if you choose to do something completely different with your life, we don’t actually see that, but what we do see in terms of potential it’s like you’ve opened a door and you can go in whatever direction that you’d like.

So there’s a part of you especially in your sleep state this is working with these different dimensions that is working with these different perspectives and it hasn’t anchored or it hasn’t balanced out as yet. That’s why you have the hives and why you feel as if you can’t get things done and that’s why you feel topsy turvey.

Caller: Okay, that makes sense to me. I’ve decided just to be as kind to myself as possible. I figured this is just a really, really, really big shift I’m going through and I’m not going to worry about all the business that is not coming in right now. My books are pretty much, my days are pretty much empty and so is my checking account! But I figure that’s a temporary thing but I’m giving myself the gift of time and space. It’s okay! Whatever is happening here has to happen and it’s going to be okay. I’m going to scratch those hives and I’m going to put stuff on them that will temporarily relieve it and it’s all going to be fine eventually.

Goddess: That is absolutely the truth; I can affirm that for you! When you’re in this space of being good for yourself and in this place of what you’re doing, I would say to you start working on your book. If you want something that will kind of keep you busy during your days and during this time, I see 2 actually 3 different books inside of you. One that’s about poetry, one that’s about mediation and another one that’s about how to step into potentials; another one that’s fictionalized about the process.

So whatever it is that you want to do, even if you work on all of these and write a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit here a little bit there; what you will do as you step into that and allow your imagination to go in whatever direction it will go you are actually going to find that new reality that’s going to give you opportunities that you can use if you would like in your life.

By opportunities it feels like moving. We know you still haven’t moved and it feels like that was in limbo or put on a shelf. Perhaps what it is is you need to either re-apply or re-evaluate what type of work you want to do and where do you want to go with this. It still feels like if you go anywhere, it’s the Pacific Northwest. It does not feel now as if you go to any other part of the country. But even if that is what you decide you want, let yourself play with the different alternatives.

The process of all of these different things; the sense feels to us like it could be as quickly as two or three days, then BOOM it’s like you settle back into the new reality. You did a great deal of integrating tonight with this journey of integrating these different dimensions and these different aspects. So who you are is always an ongoing change. Let yourself be anchored in the knowledge that you are actually even more than you think you are. The more you are open to your divinity, the more you have access to these various potentials. There is more that you can do than you ever realized that you can do. (Okay)

So step into that reality if it resonates with you. (Okay) Good! I’m glad! It’s all good it’s all exciting. We see infinite abundance flowing through your checking account since you mentioned that specifically.

Okay, we’ll do this with everybody’s checking account!! No matter who you are, if you’re open to greater flow. I’m going to consciously gather up all this energy as related to monetary manifestation —WHEW WHEW WHEW —- WHEW!! We send it into everybody! Whewie!! That was kind of a wallop, Shelly felt it like a BAM. [laughter] It was like it went out and came back, it was like a bam!

But anyway, so this is very temporary, believe in yourself.

Caller: Alrighty, thank you very much.

Goddess: you’re welcome.

Steve Rother, Louise Hay on emotions and hives

When you look up “allergy” in Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life,” Louise asks, “who are you allergic to?”  And for hives:

Problem: Hives
Probable cause: small, hidden fears. Mountains out of mole hills.
New thought pattern: I bring peace to every corner of my life.

Steve Rother does monthly channelings on, and last month offered a segment of 2-minute readings.  I managed to get in and ask my question about hives.  I’m the last caller on the segment.  Steve said he wished he had more time to talk with me about it, and I’m grieving.  I may not know what it is, but I’m grieving, and it will eventually resolve.

So there’s more to this than just “food.”  “Food” is a part of it; I’m paying attention to the food right now so that I can feel more comfortable in my body.

I realize that there are four “bodies” involved in this — my mental body, physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body, and they all are going through this process.  If I “heal” on one level but not the others, the problem is not resolved forever, and it will keep coming back until it’s healed on all levels.


Editing, May 6, 2015:  It’s now three years since I called in and talked to Steve and Barbara, and it’s amazing; I now live in Oregon, near enough to my grandson and my son and daughter-in-law that my son and grandson are coming to visit for a few days this coming weekend!  We spent time together this past Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Easter, and now Mother’s Day weekend.  I’m stoked.  Pretty much what Steve saw happen…has happened.

I still have no idea what I’ve been grieving, but listening to that session again, I’m crying again.

Steve also did a drive-by prediction (ha!) in one of our other conversations in the past year:  a book I’m writing.  Which I haven’t written yet.  But this is so exciting, thinking about the book I’m writing that I don’t know I’m writing, and now I’ve moved to Oregon, which definitely hadn’t happened three years ago, and I had no way to see how that would happen, then…and hives.  When I called, I was so totally consumed about having hives, I couldn’t see a way out.  I had hives from February through September 2012, so this phone call happened toward the beginning of the hives.

Anyway.  Wow, how things change.

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