Simple Natural Magnesium Oil

Could you be low in magnesium?  I was.  I’ve been doing my voiceprints since December 2016 and by looking at my readings for the muscles, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, genomes, and a ton of other stuff in my body, I learned that I had low magnesium levels.

Then I did some research on how to add magnesium to the body.  Magnesium supplements that you take orally may not be very effective, I learned; the best way to take magnesium is transdermally — through the skin.  One way to do this is by spraying on magnesium oil.

I priced magnesium oil on Amazon and at the local stores and looked up recipes on how to make it and what it actually is.  Magnesium “oil” is not an actual oil.  However, when you blend magnesium chloride flakes with water, the result feels oily — thus “magnesium oil.”  I learned that I could buy magnesium chloride flakes, about a pound for $10 from Amazon, and the easy recipe is simply to mix 1 part magnesium chloride flakes with 1 part water; you decide the “parts.”  So if you want a cup of magnesium oil, blend a cup of each together in a mixing bowl of some sort, stir, and you’ve got it.  That’s all there is to it.  One pound of magnesium chloride will give you magnesium oil for a year, maybe more, depending on how often you use it and how many times you find yourself giving some away to your friends who need it!

I put my magnesium oil in 4-oz. cobalt blue glass spray bottles, and I’ve started adding some various essential oils, just for their various skin benefits.

When your body needs magnesium you will know:  applying magnesium oil will make your skin sting and burn.  Once you’ve “topped off” your body’s magnesium levels and you’ve got enough magnesium in your body, you won’t get the stinging and burning anymore.

I was *really* deficient in magnesium, so I started taking epsom salts baths — epsom salts is magnesium sulfate — almost every day of the week.  My regimen was very hot water, 4-5 cups of epsom salts, 40 minutes of soaking.  I would set a timer on my phone for 40 minutes, because usually by that time the water was beginning to get just very comfortable and I was falling asleep.  Otherwise, who knows how much longer I would have stayed there!

Epsom salts baths are VERY helpful if a person has sore muscles, head pain, or any one of those many low-magnesium symptoms listed on the link above.

In this process I learned that I could go to the local agricultural supply store and buy a 50-pound bag of magnesium sulfate for $20 — 50 pounds got me a LOT of 4-to-5-cups-at-a-time baths — or I could buy a 5-pound heavenly eucalyptus scented bag in the pharmacy for about $10 each.  One five-pound bag of wonderful scented epsom salts got me two to three baths.

I took the epsom salts baths many times a week for a month or longer, until I kind of forgot about it.  Every time my body starts aching a little bit, I know it’s time for another hot epsom salts bath.

But the real reason I wanted to post this was to mention magnesium oil as a deodorant!  I use the spray bottle of magnesium oil with added essential oils as my deodorant.  For deodorant, I go back and forth between magnesium oil and the baking soda / coconut oil / shea butter deodorant recipe; sometimes I’m in the mood for the magnesium oil spray, sometimes I want the deodorant butter.  I like choices.

I also keep a little roll-on bottle of magnesium oil in my car, on the dashboard, in case I’m driving somewhere and I start feeling those achy muscles — which, by the way, I haven’t felt now since the end of June, once I quit eating all sugar!   But that’s another post.  That’s a Very Exciting post!

So try magnesium oil.  Put it in a little sprayer bottle or whatever you’ve got handy.  Use it for achy muscles, for deodorant, for migraines, any other kind of muscle pain in your body.  See if this helps.

And here’s the recipe:
One part magnesium chloride flakes
(the “part” depends on how much you want to make — one tablespoon, one cup, one quart, how much do you want?)
One part water
~Pour into a dispenser of your choice~

optional:  essential oils of your choice



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Writer, Mediator, Facilitator, Teacher, fascinated with indigenous forms of conflict resolution. I love watching people become empowered. I have a master's degree in conflict resolution and a personal interest in organic food, detoxing and healing the body, alternative holistic approaches to health, self-empowerment and win-win solutions through mediation, Structured Water™, and energetic healing. I lived on the Omaha Reservation in northeast Nebraska for ten years, worked with Native families in the area, and have a great interest in Native history, culture, practices, traditions, stories, and current affairs. View all posts by Susan Bame

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