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So lately I’ve decided to investigate and try out the Blood Type O+ Diet.

It’s been three years now since I “ate for hives” and lost weight while doing that.  I felt better while “eating for hives” — but it was SO great when I could eat anything I wanted, I really went overboard, once I could.  I ate absolutely anything and everything…gluten, sugar, dairy, all three at once in any quantity I wanted at the moment…  Menopause came along during this time too, and my body today looks and feels nothing like it did three years ago.  I barely recognize it.

I decided to check out what a Type O+ diet would be, and amazingly, it’s very similar to the food I could eat that didn’t make me break out in 2012.  There are certain “recommended” meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes, drinks, spices, and other things; some foods are “neutrals” and other foods are “don’t go there.”  Dairy, for example, for the Type O+ person is one of those “don’t go there” food groups; same for bread, and sugar.  Honey is okay; any convenience food type food is “don’t go there.”

I’ve decided, too, to break the rules.  I love avocados and coconut oil, and for the past week or so have avoided them.  Cashews are “good” on some of the Type O+ lists, and “don’t go there” on other lists.  I have decided that since I’m not drinking milk or consuming other dairy except a few types of cheese and butter, I’m going to make my cashew milk and use that.  I like that.  Cashew milk, avocado and coconut oil, I have decided, I’m keeping.

This is not an overnight huge weight loss deal; it’s a lifestyle change.  The pounds will begin coming off, but it will take time.

Right away as soon as I decided I was going to do this, I rearranged my kitchen.  I have cupboards above the refrigerator, and these cupboards are really hard to get to.  What I kept there was my recycled glass jars.  Now after the rearranging, I’m storing my bread baking ingredients, black tea and coffee, and other miscellaneous “don’t go there” items on my list up there where it’s so hard to get to them.  I have a pantry, and one whole shelf in the pantry has my “recommended” foods on it; the one below it has my “neutral” foods on it.  I love this!

And I’ve discovered a few foods I didn’t know about — sprouted grain bread, for one.  Actually I could  make Essene bread of my own.  Simply grow some sprouts on the counter, then rinse, process, knead and then bake them — no other ingredients, just sprouted grains.  That’s one thing I haven’t tried yet, but I have bought the Ezekiel bread that is made with sprouted grain.  Hot tea, a couple of pieces of Ezekiel bread toast with butter in the morning, and a piece of fruit — lasts me a good long time.  Cream of buckwheat hot cereal is another thing I hadn’t tried until now.  I threw in a couple of tablespoons of ground flax / sunflower / pumpkin / sesame seed / goji berry powder in the mix, and WOW.  I’m impressed with buckwheat cereal.

Something else I noticed:  I had a lot of the “right” food already; I just wasn’t using it.  Things in this category:  adzuki beans, blackeyed peas, mint tea, and any seaweed.  I have more packages of seaweed than I know what they are.  I do not know why I bought so much seaweed of various kinds.  It doesn’t take up a whole lot of room in my pantry, and it’s dry, lasts forever, and I suppose I have 20 different packages of it.  This would be enough seaweed to feed me seaweed on a pretty consistent basis for ten years or so.  But, it’s on the “good for me” lists, so I will now be learning how to use seaweed.  Maybe I’ll actually start using it.

I also noticed right away that I know what foods I need to be eating, because I have them around; but what was I eating?  All the stuff I shouldn’t be eating:  dairy, sugar, wheat, bread, gluten…everything my body couldn’t tolerate.  Why do I feed my body what my body doesn’t tolerate?  Why the cravings for the bad stuff?

An ironic thing I noticed:  in 2012 when I started “eating for hives,” I felt so victimized by my body.  “I can’t drink coffee!  Can’t eat a hamburger with a bun, can’t eat the ketchup or the pickles or the onion or the mustard or the french fries or the Coke.  Can’t have a slice of my favorite coconut cream pie, can’t have cream in my coffee, can’t have…can’t have…can’t have…or my body will erupt and I will be sorry I ever ate that.”  And my body liked the food I was eating, even though I couldn’t eat a very big variety of foods.  My body lost weight.

Now, I’m deciding to eat just about the same foods, almost identically the same, but this time it’s my CHOICE.  I’m CHOOSING to quit dairy and coffee and sugar and bread.  I’m CHOOSING to eat the fruits and vegetables my body is requesting.  I’m CHOOSING to try working WITH my body this time.

Scientists say this blood type diet idea is bunk.  It’s scientifically unproven.  Well, okay.  I’ve tried a few things in my lifetime that other people don’t approve of.  Who cares if other people approve of it?!  I’m trying it.  I’ll be the judge of whether it works for me or not.





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