It all started because I woke up one morning, sometime during the Christmas season, knowing I needed water.  My body was water deficient.  Dehydrated.  I could tell.  I was thirsty, waking up, most mornings, and there would be some nights I’d wake up and need to go get a drink; I’d realize I really hadn’t had anything to drink during the day.  What was this doing to my body?!

So, the way my life works, a series of interesting synchronicities happened from that point, and I started learning about structured water.

IMG_2945Long story short, I bought a whole-house structured water unit from Natural Action Technologies through a distributor, had a plumber install it right after the Polar Vortex blasted through my town in early January, and since then I’ve been experiencing what it’s like to have a whole house structured water unit.

~I actually drink water.
~I actually drink water that comes out of my tap.  No other filters.  I don’t have to refill anything, don’t have to buy a replacement of any kind, there are no big heavy bags of salt to lug around, there’s no repeat customer kind of situation with my water.  I bought the unit, had it installed, and it will essentially last forever, end of story, giving me soft, healthy water from now until eternity.
~Water tastes “round.”  And not harsh.
~Coffee made from my tap water is rich and mellow and awesome.
~My skin is soft, and it’s not just from all the coconut oil I’ve been using, but that has played a part.
~My bathtub doesn’t keep growing rust stains.
~Or hard water deposits.
~My hard water chunky bits around my bathtub knobs fall off in clumps from time to time.
~I have soft water to shower in.
~Which affects my homemade hair products — hard water does not work with homemade hair products.
~I’m taking more baths, because I simply enjoy it.  Structured water feels like holy water.  It’s amazing.
~Using natural products in my bathtub, I notice “oil” thickness “growing” in the tub after about a week, so what I do for that:  I take a nice long hot bath and really enjoy it, and then when it gets cold, I let that all drain out and use my homemade body wash on a natural scrubber sponge to tackle the bathtub gunk, which there really isn’t much of.  It takes me about 5 minutes’ worth of scrubbing, while I’m still sitting in the tub, which is still warm, and I get up, rinse it all out, and I’m done.  I’m nice & shiny & clean, and so is my tub.
~I feel healthier.  Just generally healthier.  I feel alive and energetic and grateful to be here.
~I feel like my world is really supporting me and wants me to thrive.
~The animals, birds, squirrels, plants, flowers, trees, all natural life around my house and in my area, seem happier, more responsive.

IMG_3041~Odd observation, but there have been things that I wanted when I was a kid and didn’t get then that have now come into my life, like a Siamese cat that comes and goes.  I wanted a Siamese cat when I was a little kid.

~More and more often, I just know and trust that what I need and what I need to know, will be in my life when I need it and when I need to know it.  I can just relax.  I’m much more calm, centered, peaceful, less on edge, less fearful or anxious for any reason.  It’ll just happen; it’ll just be okay.  All is well.  That’s a new feeling.
~I’m learning SO much! about structured water, what it is, how it works.  I love learning new things, and this is so exciting!  The potentials are just phenomenal.

And there’s so much more.  I’m doing a blog about this whole water thing in my life now, and I’ve become a distributor for Natural Action Technologies structured water units.

I will keep this DrStrangeItch blog the way it is, won’t sell or promote anything here, and will keep this just for recipes and allergy and hives-related information.

It’s kind of like I had to go through that whole purging process, getting all the nasty stuff out of my life, the toxic chemicals, the toxic mattress, the toxins in my body, saying NO to all that…BEFORE I could know what I did want in my life.  I had to get rid of all that before I could say YES to health and well-being and peaceful, confident living.

And isn’t that the way it goes.  We live unconsciously and pretty much obliviously.  Then a big crisis comes up and it’s a wake-up call:  do we want to experience more of life, or do we want to deny that?  That’s the choice.  Do we want to live consciously or not?

I had to look at my choices…my choice to buy the mattress…my choice to get rid of the mattress…my choice to be healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually healthy…my choice to make the positive changes in my life that would bring about health.

Now I’d say I’ve never felt so good.  Adding structured water to my life and saying YES to water and YES to good health and YES to living consciously and being aware of choosing life and taking responsibility for my choices and my health and my life has been such a wonderful new next step.  I’m really enjoying this.IMG_3026




About Susan Bame

Writer, Mediator, Facilitator, Teacher, fascinated with indigenous forms of conflict resolution. I love watching people become empowered. I have a master's degree in conflict resolution and a personal interest in organic food, detoxing and healing the body, alternative holistic approaches to health, self-empowerment and win-win solutions through mediation, Structured Water™, and energetic healing. I lived on the Omaha Reservation in northeast Nebraska for ten years, worked with Native families in the area, and have a great interest in Native history, culture, practices, traditions, stories, and current affairs. View all posts by Susan Bame

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