…where I am now with the new homemade body products…

Some random observations:

Deodorant:  I’m pretty much thrilled to pieces with the products I’ve made.  I’m happy to have two different types of deodorant so that I can use the paste when there’s no underarm irritation, and the coconut oil and baking soda/arrowroot powder two-step deodorant process, the powder fluffed on with a makeup puff, on days when I do notice underarm irritation.  I did a load of laundry a few days ago and sniffed all of the armpits of all of my tops before I put them in:  no odor at all!, whether pleasant or unpleasant.  This is a big change from using store-bought antiperspirants.  Always when I used the store-bought stuff my clothes would carry the scent through the wash…so they’d smell like the antiperspirant before, and even after laundering.  That’s not happening now either.

Shampoo:  What I’ve used most successfully now has been the body wash recipe, used as shampoo.  I can go now 3 or 4 days between shampoos.  On the no-shampoo days I rinse my hair with water, rub the scalp pretty well, “as if” I’m shampooing.  And I squirt on my conditioner made of water, lemon juice, white vinegar, and essential oils.  I’m able to comb through it very well.  For static electricity, which I’m noticing I’m getting a lot of, I’ll wet my hands with a drop or two or three of plain water mixed with essential oils that I have mixed together in a little, about 3-ounce, squeeze bottle.  That seems to work fine.  The last time I shampooed I used the stuff I made with the Pu-Ehr Tea water and baking soda.  Today was two mornings later, and I notice, again, my hair has much more bulk to it than it ever had before.  The ends seem a little dry, but at the scalp, there’s way more “to” my hair.  More thickness, more body…it’s not laying flat against my head, as it usually did.

I think my hair is still detoxing a little bit, but it’s gotten way less annoying than it was when I first started with the “no-shampoo” idea around Christmastime.

Moisturizing:  I’m noticing my skin isn’t drying out like it usually would by this time in the middle of winter, months after I’ve turned on my furnace.  My skin actually “beads up” like a waxed car in the rain, I’ve noticed, once I turn off the shower.  That’s never happened before!  And I’m not having to use so much lotion and feeling so like “man, I just can’t find a lotion I like that smells good and actually works.”  I have skin lotion “bars” now, five different flavors, and anytime my hands — it’s usually my hands — feel dry, I just rub a little of that in, and I’m good.  My homemade skin lotion works!

One thing I haven’t used for years is sunscreen.  I just didn’t buy the whole idea that we have to slather our bodies in chemicals in order to go outside safely.  I was skeptical about that bit of “science.”  Standing at the grocery store a week ago with my iPhone, in front of several types of body oils for sale, I looked up macadamia nut oil.  Eventually I bought a small spray bottle of it and use it “as” a moisturizer / face oil now.  It actually has a sunscreen factor of about a 4 built in it naturally, according to at least one blogger.  Hemp oil has an 8…sunflower oil also has sunscreen properties.  Check those out.  The way I use my macadamia nut oil:  I splash a drop or two of that hair water, plain water with some lavender essential oil sprinkled in, into my hand…rub that all over my face…spray two squirts of macadamia nut oil onto my hand, then rub that all over my face.  I might need a little more water, another drop or two, so I’ll rub that in on top of the oil.  That’s about it.  That’s all I do to my face — here in the dead of winter, with the heat on, and it’s so dry in the house and everywhere I go.

Now, I don’t know if this is related or not, but I’ll write it, here.  At right about the same day I bought the macadamia nut oil, my left eye started getting dry feeling and a little blurry and irritated, and I noticed I had a stye just beginning to form along the bottom of my bottom eyelid.  For the next few days I did absolutely nothing “for” or “to” my eye, just noticed that.  And about Day 4 after noticing this, I started the macadamia nut oil & water routine.  THE NEXT DAY I noticed the stye was much less of an irritation, and had started to go away!  It’s maybe day 4 of using the macadamia nut oil and water regimen…and I can hardly tell there’s anything going on with my left eye.  It’s just about back to normal.

A couple of years ago I had a stye on my right lower eyelid…that came on, took it weeks and weeks to fully form, and again, I did nothing for it, at all, and it eventually disappeared several months later, after getting really big and awful looking for a while.

Teeth:  Still using the remineralizing toothpaste and enjoying that very much, and I’ve reduced the amount of times per week I’m using the remineralizing mouthwash.  I need to make a new batch of that.

Other Observations:  I cleaned out the cabinet under my sink a few days ago and got rid of a bunch of stuff, chemicals and tools and stuff that are made of synthetics.  So far I’m *still* using a manufactured dish soap, because I like it and it smells good; it’s a natural type of product.  That should be my next project:  making natural dish soap.

Water:  One morning right before New Year’s I woke up knowing I needed to do something about the water in my house.  I have *very* hard water here, complete with lots of lime deposits and rust in the shower.  Tasting the water — not a pleasant thing, but I don’t know what’s actually in it.  I live right next to my little town’s water plant.

Through some interesting synchronicities, that day, I learned about structured water.  I didn’t spend a whole lot of time hemming and hawing about this; I ordered the unit and it was delivered within just a few days, right over New Year’s Day.  I’ve been using it right out of the box before having it installed this past Wednesday on my whole-house water line, and I’ve been paying attention to what the water was like “before” the structured water unit, and now “after.”  I took a couple of videos of the “unboxing” — Apple people love “unboxing” videos on YouTube — so I’ll start a whole new section about structured water and my experiences with this.

That led to completely rethinking how I provide food and beverages at my office for the meetings I facilitate.  Once I opened my office in 2008 I bought bottled water at Target, in individual plastic bottles, and also the typical sodas, and refrigerate those right outside the conference room in a small apartment-sized refrigerator.  This has worked fine; people sometimes ask me if I recycle.  No, I don’t.  It’s a small office; I don’t consistently hold meetings; and to keep a bunch of cans or bottles for recycling, I’d mostly be concerned about attracting bugs & critters into my space — and there’s the potential smell issue.  It’s a small office.  I don’t want trouble.  So…what I’ve decided to do about the water:  after considering my options, including buying a water heater/cooler dispenser, I’ve purchased a dozen glass drinking mugs that look like old-fashioned canning jars, with handles.  For lids, I bought a matching amount of red enameled lids with handles.  I will fill the jars at home, put the lids on, keep these in the fridge, and when they’re used, I’ll bring them home and wash them and carry them back & forth in this way.  I also bought large pitchers with red plastic lids that I’ll use for “refill” purposes.  I hope they fit in the mini-fridge too.

Fermented:  I post on a private spiritual message board, and posted all about my soap / shampoo / deodorant / etc. journey as I was trying products, having success, getting frustrated with the hair, all that.  Another member of the board started posting in my thread about her own homemade products, including making her own kefir and other probiotic and fermented foods.  I’m ready!  I’m going to dive in and make some of these for myself too.  I haven’t begun the research yet, but I’m ready.

Bottom line:  this really shook up my life, beginning to make my own body products at the end of 2013, over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and it continues!  It’s been really an astonishing transformation.  I’ve cleared out my bathroom and my kitchen of *almost* all manufactured chemicals, replacing almost everything with “homemade” or “natural.”  Next project:  making kefir and fermented foods, and after that it should be springtime!  I’ll be planting my garden.  I’d like a bigger garden this year.  I hear structured water does amazing things for plants.



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