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Successful dry powder foundation recipe!  :)  Unsuccessful liquid foundation recipe! :(

Successful dry powder foundation recipe! 🙂 Unsuccessful liquid foundation recipe! 😦

I tried the powder foundation recipe.

Homemade Option: At the recommendation of a friend who had used cocoa powder for natural bronzer, I started experimenting with natural foundation options, and came up with a recipe similar to a mineral make-up, though lighter, and smoother…

I start with a base of arrowroot powder (can also use cornstarch, but arrowroot works better) and then slowly add in cocoa powder and finely ground cinnamon powder until you get a shade close to your skin tone. You can then store in a jar or old powder container and use a brush to apply. It took me a few tries of mixing to get the color correct for my skin tone, but most days, a quick brush of this is all I need.

If you want to make it a more solid base so that only a little sticks to the brush, use a few drops of essential oil or vodka to mix with the powder and push down in a compact. This will make it hard like a regular compact.

I’ve thought about adding this combination to some homemade lotion to make a liquid foundation but haven’t tried it yet.


Mix arrowroot powder, cocoa powder, and ground cinnamon, adjusting the amounts to match your own skin tone

Mine came out wonderful and I was able to match my skin tone!  This smells great, by the way.

And, as an added bonus, I’ve used this same recipe as a dry shampoo.  Sprinkle it on the scalp, mix it in with your fingers, brush it out as thoroughly as you can, and voila!  Good to go!

Liquid foundation:  In the recipe above the original author speculates about making this into a liquid foundation.  Aha!, I thought; I have my own homemade body lotion recipe, mixed up and sitting right here.  I could try that right now.

2012_0508Walthill_0002So I did.  I took a little of the powder out of this container, put it in another container, and added a couple of drops of my coconut base sensitive skin body lotion.

Not a good choice.  This did not work.  When I started applying it to my face, it was really, really dark, and came out in splotches.  If I want to look like I have big giant freckles on my face…this would be an option…

So, now that I have this mixed up, what to do with it?  Maybe…eye shadow!  Let’s try that.


Mistake!!! Smells great, though.

So I added a bit more cocoa powder, a bit more cinnamon, stirred that up with my trusty chopsticks…tried applying that as eye shadow.  No….same deal.  It was splotchy and went on well in some places, thick and spotted in other places.  At the moment it looks like really thick chocolate frosting.  But it smells great!  I have no idea what to do with it.

Eyeliner:  On another website I found a YouTube video where someone takes slivered almonds, just a handful, like maybe 1/4 cup or less, puts them in a skillet, cooks them until they’re brown, then really brown, then black and steamy…essentially you burn slivered almonds very slowly.  Let them cool; put them in one of those electric coffee grinders that chops coffee beans up really fine.  You want this really, really fine.  That’s pretty much it.  Blend the blackened almond powder with a tiny bit of castor oil, and you’ve got homemade natural eyeliner.  Apply with a very small paintbrush, very carefully, in the way you’d like to apply eyeliner.  I have not tried this yet.

Bronzer and Blush:  Mix arrowroot powder and coloring agents like cocoa powder and cinnamon.  Mix until you’ve got the shade you want.  Dried & powdered fruits, vegetables and flowers can also be used as coloring agents.  Also have not tried this yet.

I’m so excited to learn about and experiment with these natural makeup alternatives!


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