Garden-Fresh Cucumber Salad

I’m eating this now and it’s wonderful.

You will need:

A generous friend who volunteers to give you fresh cucumbers out of her garden
The actual cucumbers — preferably small ones, maybe four to six to eight inches long
A lemon
Several sprigs of cilantro out of your own garden — go pick it right now
A dash or two of Real Salt

Rinse all the mud off, then slice the cucumbers into your bowl.

Squeeze the lemon halves into a separate bowl — that way you can keep the juice, leave the seeds; add as much of the fresh lemon juice as you’d like.  I used it all.

Chop cilantro into bite-sized pieces.

Stir it all together, then sprinkle with as much salt as you like.

Yum!  Enjoy!  What a great summer salad.


About Susan Bame

Writer, Mediator, Facilitator, Teacher, fascinated with indigenous forms of conflict resolution. I love watching people become empowered. I have a master's degree in conflict resolution and a personal interest in organic food, detoxing and healing the body, alternative holistic approaches to health, self-empowerment and win-win solutions through mediation, Structured Water™, and energetic healing. I lived on the Omaha Reservation in northeast Nebraska for ten years, worked with Native families in the area, and have a great interest in Native history, culture, practices, traditions, stories, and current affairs. View all posts by Susan Bame

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