Nettle Leaf Tea

On some natural healing websites and blogs I read about Nettle Leaf Tea being so helpful for allergies and itchiness.

I drank some yesterday and today, and I can say for sure right now that it’s not causing any itchiness, red bumps or swelling.  As far as helping to calm things down, I don’t know about that.  When I woke up this morning I was pretty much itch-, red-, and bump-free, and I still am.


About Susan Bame

Writer, Mediator, Facilitator, Teacher, fascinated with indigenous forms of conflict resolution. I love watching people become empowered. I have a master's degree in conflict resolution and a personal interest in organic food, detoxing and healing the body, alternative holistic approaches to health, self-empowerment and win-win solutions through mediation, Structured Water™, and energetic healing. I lived on the Omaha Reservation in northeast Nebraska for ten years, worked with Native families in the area, and have a great interest in Native history, culture, practices, traditions, stories, and current affairs. View all posts by Susan Bame

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