Goddess channeling: hives, the shift, detoxifying

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation, April 15, 2012, answering my question.  Link to the whole channel is here:  http://www.goddesslight.net/goddess-channels/open-your-flow-to-the-universe.htm

Question 3: Hello Goddess? (Hello) I really enjoyed that meditation and I’ve got about 3 or 4 questions, I’m not sure which to ask. As we were talking before we got going with the channeling tonight, I was asking several questions about right and left brain, not being able to focus, feeling tossed and turned and who am I now. I could ask you that question and you can answer the one that you’d like. Then there’s the question about what’s going on with my physical body. I’ve been having hives and I don’t understand why. Is that an energy thing? Is there something about the toxins I’m releasing? I’ll let you pick!

Goddess: Well, actually the answers to all of those questions are exactly what took place tonight! I see you in the physical reality and you as a silhouette or as a hologram and you are walking side by side. There are certain things the silhouette will do and certain things the human will do and you are walking along side by side and flip, flip back. It’s almost like a dance is how it’s coming across to me. This dance is the indicator of the way in which you are moving between the dimensions and moving between the energy and moving in the reality you are creating for yourself.

The hives are a reaction of detoxifying so that your whole vibrational energy will shift into a higher vibration. The things that come up from being creative or when you say ‘who am I’, you are actually creating a new not aspect but a new reality for yourself. Whether it’s the blending of the other aspects from the last time we got together or if it’s simply recognizing that you have different potentials that can open up for you. Or even if you choose to do something completely different with your life, we don’t actually see that, but what we do see in terms of potential it’s like you’ve opened a door and you can go in whatever direction that you’d like.

So there’s a part of you especially in your sleep state this is working with these different dimensions that is working with these different perspectives and it hasn’t anchored or it hasn’t balanced out as yet. That’s why you have the hives and why you feel as if you can’t get things done and that’s why you feel topsy turvey.

Caller: Okay, that makes sense to me. I’ve decided just to be as kind to myself as possible. I figured this is just a really, really, really big shift I’m going through and I’m not going to worry about all the business that is not coming in right now. My books are pretty much, my days are pretty much empty and so is my checking account! But I figure that’s a temporary thing but I’m giving myself the gift of time and space. It’s okay! Whatever is happening here has to happen and it’s going to be okay. I’m going to scratch those hives and I’m going to put stuff on them that will temporarily relieve it and it’s all going to be fine eventually.

Goddess: That is absolutely the truth; I can affirm that for you! When you’re in this space of being good for yourself and in this place of what you’re doing, I would say to you start working on your book. If you want something that will kind of keep you busy during your days and during this time, I see 2 actually 3 different books inside of you. One that’s about poetry, one that’s about mediation and another one that’s about how to step into potentials; another one that’s fictionalized about the process.

So whatever it is that you want to do, even if you work on all of these and write a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit here a little bit there; what you will do as you step into that and allow your imagination to go in whatever direction it will go you are actually going to find that new reality that’s going to give you opportunities that you can use if you would like in your life.

By opportunities it feels like moving. We know you still haven’t moved and it feels like that was in limbo or put on a shelf. Perhaps what it is is you need to either re-apply or re-evaluate what type of work you want to do and where do you want to go with this. It still feels like if you go anywhere, it’s the Pacific Northwest. It does not feel now as if you go to any other part of the country. But even if that is what you decide you want, let yourself play with the different alternatives.

The process of all of these different things; the sense feels to us like it could be as quickly as two or three days, then BOOM it’s like you settle back into the new reality. You did a great deal of integrating tonight with this journey of integrating these different dimensions and these different aspects. So who you are is always an ongoing change. Let yourself be anchored in the knowledge that you are actually even more than you think you are. The more you are open to your divinity, the more you have access to these various potentials. There is more that you can do than you ever realized that you can do. (Okay)

So step into that reality if it resonates with you. (Okay) Good! I’m glad! It’s all good it’s all exciting. We see infinite abundance flowing through your checking account since you mentioned that specifically.

Okay, we’ll do this with everybody’s checking account!! No matter who you are, if you’re open to greater flow. I’m going to consciously gather up all this energy as related to monetary manifestation —WHEW WHEW WHEW —- WHEW!! We send it into everybody! Whewie!! That was kind of a wallop, Shelly felt it like a BAM. [laughter] It was like it went out and came back, it was like a bam!

But anyway, so this is very temporary, believe in yourself.

Caller: Alrighty, thank you very much.

Goddess: you’re welcome.


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