eating out

Successful meals — meals that didn’t make me itch afterwards:

At Outback Steak House I ordered bare naked grilled salmon with bare naked steamed broccoli and grilled asparagus — wonderful!  Grilled steak works too.  Specify that you don’t want the seasonings they normally add to make everything taste wonderful.  Skip any salads and sadly, skip the bread.  San Pellegrino works if you need to drink something bubbly, or plain water is fine, too, without the lemon or lime.

I threw Famous Dave’s for a loop one day last week when I ordered bare naked grilled salmon, bare naked steamed broccoli and bare naked grilled pineapple.  What they brought me at first was their salmon, broccoli and pineapple prepared normally — with the seasonings, which include pepper, which might be one of the things that make my lips swell.  I had to ask them to try again and bring me bare-naked food like I’d asked for.  The supervisor came out and wrinkled his brow a bit when I asked for things to be bare-naked…”we marinate the meat for hours in a blend of 14 herbs and spices…how are we going to do this”…and then came up with the brilliant idea to offer me fresh salmon instead!  Bingo!

Fifteen minutes later they brought out exactly what I ordered:  bare naked grilled salmon, steamed broccoli, and grilled pineapple.  Perfect!

Last night I went out, for the second time, to Hu Hot, where you pick your own choice of veggies, meats, and pastas and seasonings, then the guys manning the big circular grill in the middle flash-fry your food for you while you wait and watch.  A week ago when I went I was very careful to get fish and only the veggies on my safe list and garlic oil and ginger juice for seasonings.  It was fine — bland, but fine.  No itching.  Last night again I picked only fish and “safe” veggies, and last night there was a great new coconut seasoning choice.  No list of ingredients; it was thick and yellowish and probably had spices within.  It looked very tempting.  I added that.

It was delicious and I enjoyed it tremendously…and this morning, I’m itching.

I tried going to a Greek restaurant a couple of weeks ago and ordering a salad with gyro meat — no feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber sauce, black olives, pita bread…just salad and gyro meat.  They were going to charge me the same price as if it included all that yummy stuff — about $8.  $8 for plain lettuce and gyro meat, when if I’d ordered the gyro meat by itself it was $3?  No way.  I cancelled my order and walked out.

Of course there is no such thing as eating a sandwich these days.  The closest I can come to eating “bread” is the quinoa flatbread / crispbread thingie I’ve blogged about.

I work about 40 minutes away from my home, and usually eat out for one meal while I’m in the city.  There are so few options for meals eaten out these days; I’m going to have to do more cooking at home and taking food to work with me.  Which means more cooking at home.


Update May 9:  I called the manager of Hu Hot this morning and asked what’s in the coconut seasoning that was so good…that made me itch.  LOL!  All the things I’m avoiding!  It has in it meat, dairy, wheat, soy, and tree nuts.  Wheat, dairy, soy, and tree nuts are on my “not right now” list.

Also he talked with me about all the things they do for their allergy customers.  They have meat “in the back” that’s set aside just for allergy customers so that there’s no cross-contamination.  Also customers can mention to the cooks that they have an allergy, and the cooks will cook the food with clean spatulas that aren’t touching the food of others, so there’s no cross-contamination.  They also have a list of ingredients in their seasoning sauces, available from the waiters, so that customers can see what sauces they can use that would be less bland than just garlic and ginger (if any).


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