This is not a blog about movies from the ’60s, or spoofs of movies from the ’60s, or bombs, or doctors — I’ll say it right up front:  I’m not a doctor, I’m an English Major.  It’s not about pigs in space, either.

I developed a strange itch in the late winter into early spring of 2012, and seeing as how I don’t have any kind of medical insurance, I did the next best thing:  I searched the internet for some ideas on what to do.  I also consulted resources for some metaphysical advice.

I began to write this all down about two months after the itchiness really started bothering me, just in case someone out there might find it useful sometime.  The great news is that by September-October of 2012, my itchy symptoms were gone, and by November I could eat anything, anytime, not take any supplements or vitamins or anything and not have to watch my diet at all.  All is well!  I’m healed!

One more thing:  I do not get paid by anyone to write this.  I am not promoting anyone’s products and do not get paid by anyone to promote their stuff.   I’m not monetizing the site and don’t make a penny by posting this information, and it’s all free.  Also, I signed an agreement with the *brand name* memory foam mattress manufacturer whose mattress I used to own not to disclose the details of our settlement agreement, and I’m not here to malign anyone’s products, either.  This is my story and my day-to-day life I’m sharing.


And now it’s 2014, two years have passed since those intense hives symptoms really had me baffled, and itchy, and uncomfortable, and looking for answers, I can still eat anything and not take supplements or watch my diet, and I have one more observation:  from this place where I am now, I can see how all of what I went through then, served me very well.  You couldn’t have told me that at the time that I was seriously considering a trip to the emergency room, the third weekend in June of 2012, though; I was too busy freaking out at that moment.  I made it through that weekend somehow, and after that point, things got better.

Since then I’ve developed an interest in making my own body products, which is so much fun!  Playing with different smells, and different oils, and different properties, and experimenting and getting things right, and experimenting and getting things WRONG!!…so much fun!  Making a mess in my kitchen is all part of it too, and cleaning it up…and knowing that I never have to be dependent again on products made by corporations:  I am in charge of what goes in my body and on my body; I am in charge of my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  I take responsibility for who I am and what I am and what’s going on with me, and I’m not expecting somebody else to solve my problems for me; not relying on “the doctor” to “fix me” or moaning about “Monsanto” and feeling victimized by that whole situation; no, I’m not.

And I discovered structured water, which is developing into a new business for me, a business I can take on the road and be anywhere in the world and be working.  This has some awesome liberating potentials both for me, in many ways, and for people all over the planet who use structured water.  Imagine:  clean, safe, healthy drinking water, right from your tap.

I can see the beauty of the unfolding of this path, since I had the trauma with the mattress made of chemicals when I thought my mattress was trying to kill me (and it was).  It was trying to wake me up, is what it was doing.  Wake up!  There’s a whole other world out there for you!  

So if you’re here looking for the answers to why you’re itching, why your itching is driving you crazy, or why you have allergies and how to fix that, stop a minute and take a breath with me and ask yourself:  how is this serving me right now?  And be honest with yourself.  If you can’t come up with an answer right away, that’s okay…ask yourself to give you the messages you need, and ears to hear the answer, and you will get your answer.

And, really be honest with yourself and “go there” with yourself in answering this question:  if I no longer had an allergy, if I no longer had this health problem, if I no longer had hives, if I no longer knew my mattress was trying to kill me, if I no longer could be a victim to this whatever-this-is, how would my life have to change?

Are you ready to quit being a victim?

Are you ready to take responsibility for yourself for your reactions to your creations?

Are you ready to stop getting the attention from your family when you say “I can’t eat this / wear this / smell this / sleep on this; it will make me itch”?  Are you ready to stop asking for understanding and sympathy from the lady at the health food store or the nice servers at the restaurants when you say “I have to eat only vegan and gluten free food”?  Are you ready to stop the internal battle you have going on within yourself?  Because what an allergy is, is one part of yourself fighting another part of yourself.  You are at war with yourself in your own body.  Are you ready for the fighting to end?  Are you ready to start appreciating yourself for creating this situation for yourself and seeing the beauty of the creation?  Are you ready to thank yourself for this amazing experience?  Are you ready to change?

I mean, are you ready.  Are you really, really ready.

Are you ready?

Bon voyage!


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